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When WPF Databinding change the way you write code

21 Mag

In these days I’m developing my first real production project with WPF and one of main different with Windows Form is Databinding. In WPF, databinding is very powerfull and sometimes allow you to write markup code that replace procedural code normaly used in Windows Form.

For example in this little piece of code I have written today use Databinding & Converter


in order to change StatusBar Visiblity when IsChecked property change on Checkbox

image image

The syntax is very compact and it’s very powerfull doing this things whit XAML markup but I’m wondering how to test this behaviour.

I thing in another post I will cover this topic.


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The Machine is Us/ing Us

18 Mag

Are we using the machine or the machine is using us ? Very cool video!


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Convert XmlDocument to DataTable using LinqToXml

3 Mag

I found this solution to import in my database an XML file received from an external legacy system via a POP3 server. I used an open source library to get the XML file on my hard disk. Now I need to bulk insert this information into a remote server where I can access only using MSSQL protocol so I dediced to use SqlBulkCopy class. In order to use this class I need to transfor the XML document into a DataTable.

This a sample of my XML file:

<pos code="000000" index="0000000003">
<year value="2007">
<month value="04">
<day value="02">
<tipo code="L">
<row code="002039055" qty="1" price="7.290" />
<row code="002309045" qty="134" price="2.390" />
<row code="002427274" qty="21" price="6.500" />
<row code="003366150" qty="1" price="4.600" />
<row code="003785045" qty="0.1" price="6.940" />
<tipo code="V">
<row code="002039055" qty="21" price="7.290" />
<row code="003366150" qty="87" price="4.600" />

and this the code
XElement xElement = XElement.Load("test.xml");
var elements = from f in xElement.Descendants("riga")
select new
Code = f.Attribute("code").Value,
Quantity = f.Attribute("qty").Value,
Price = f.Attribute("price").Value,
Type = f.Parent.Attribute("code").Value,
Day = f.Parent.Parent.Attribute("value").Value,
Month = f.Parent.Parent.Parent.Attribute("value").Value,
Year = f.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Attribute("value").Value,
} ;

Now you can build you DataTable using the common syntax

DataTable dataTable = new DataTable("dbo.Vendite");
dataTable.Columns.Add("data", typeof(DateTime));
//others columns

and the you can add rows using a foreach loop

foreach (var element in elements)
DataRow dataRow = dataTable.NewRow();
dataRow["data"] = element.Date;
//others columns

now I can use SqlBulkCopy to insert data in the server locate inside LAN.

Rhino Mocks 3.3 Quick Reference

3 Mag

Some days ago I discovered a nice Quick Reference document for Rhino Mocks 3.3 
This document can be very usefull to understand the syntax of this great mocking framework.

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