Archivio | giugno, 2009

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) on Ubuntu Desktop 9.04

28 Giu

After watching a Google Wave video presentation my interest in the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) grown so I decided to create Virtual Machine with all the stuff I need to play with GWT. I’m using a VMWare virtual machine with Ubuntu Desktop 9.04.

Im order to setup the development environment I found this great blog post with detailed informations on how to set up Glassfish, Eclipse, Google Web toolkit (GWT), Development Environment on Ubuntu Desktop 9.04.

I follow the instruction step by step. I’m not a Linux geek but everything was quite easy. Here below you can see my first application build with GWT.


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Moonlight on Ubuntu 9 with Firefox

25 Giu

Just few mouse clicks and it works like a charm.

Here below you can see the site of the italian national television build with silverlight 2.0


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NHibernate 2.1.0 beta 2

21 Giu

Today NHibernate team released version 2.1.0 beta 2

This version contains a fix for bug that cause some problem with MS Sql server execution plans (more details here).

Be carefull if you use an HQL query cause the actual parser is not still able to use the correct parameter type. I hope also this issue will be solved in the future versions but in the meantime you can use the solution I wrote in post linked above.

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