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Create Microsoft sql database before integration test

16 Ott

In my last post I shown how to create a SqlCe database “on the fly” once before all integration tests. Alexander asked me how can do the same thing but using a Microsoft Sql database. Let’ s how we can do it:

using (IDbConnection connection = new SqlCeConnection(masterConnectionString))
      using (IDbCommand command = connection.CreateCommand())
            command.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            command.CommandText = "CREATE DATABASE UnitTestDemo";
//open a new connection to UnitTestDemo database and create all objects
The only difference here is the statement used for the creation of the database. As you can see we need a connection to the master database in order to execute the CREATE DATABASE statement. Once we have the new empty database we can close this first connection, open a new one to test database and run all the scripts for the objects (tables, views, stored procedures, ecc.) creation.